State allocations to the U.S. House of Representatives are based on census data. In other words, the number of congressmen each state has is based on the number of people who reside in that state, as reflected by the census.

In the state that I reside this august group is markedly and overwhelmingly anti second amendment and very pro legislation, especially in regard to limiting personal freedoms.

These legislators consistently mis-represent my viewpoints as well as my values. They are in direct contradiction with the way that life in this country was meant to be lived. These mis-representatives are only interested in the polls. They are under the mistaken perception that we live in a democracy when in fact we are living in a republic.

It is their duty to protect our rights yet they constantly rebuff the idea of personal accountability for one's actions. It is easier for them to punish the law abiding than to punish the miscreant. The exercise of my rights are under constant attack by their callousness. Their actions are anathema to all freedom loving souls.

These mis-representatives do not get into office alone. They can only get in if the majority of the electorate puts them there. The fact that clone after clone repeatedly is elected by a wide majority can only lead me to conclude that my viewpoints are out of the mainstream here. One way for me to contain this plague from spreading across the country is to limit this particular representation. It is important to limit this delegation from expanding.


Do not add another mis-representative to this state based on the fact that I live here. Do not add another mis-representative that will actively work to keep me from exercising my rights. Rights are naturally endowed and no one can take them away from us. However, these degenerates will work to keep us from exercising those rights, even though they do not have the moral or legal authority to do so.

Why should I be penalized simply because the state is chasing federal dollars.

So once again I state Ö