The Myth of the Second Amendment

It’s time to clear up a few popular misconceptions about the second amendment held by pro and anti gunners alike. These misconceptions cloud the true intent of the most important of all the amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights. Without the second amendment protections to keep and bear arms, the People would be unable to defend any of their other rights. We then place ourselves in a position of having our rights granted to us under some form of benevolence.

These misconceptions will also ultimately lead to severe restrictions of this sacred right by allowing anti-rights groups to set the terms around which the debate is centered.

First, the second amendment was not designed to protect the rights of hunters.

Second, the second amendment was not designed to protect the rights of sportsmen.

And third, even though it is very important that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones, the second amendment was not designed to protect the individual.

Let’s examine the second amendment a little closer. For the record:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


There is nothing that is ambiguous about that statement.

Our rights as gun owners are predicated on the fact that at some point in time it may become necessary to defend our freedom. Not with words and arguments. Not with protests and civil disobedience. Not through any legal recourse.

Our freedom will be defended with blood. With force. With the strength of our desire to be free. With our lives. With the lives of those we love. And with guns. There will be no other way.

I am not advocating revolution and the overthrow of our government - not yet anyway.

However …

Our freedom was bought and paid for with the blood of those who refused to live under tyranny. Our freedom has been defended by the blood of their sons. And their sons. And theirs. And one day it will be our duty to defend our freedom with our own blood. And the blood of our sons.

Where in the hell did we pick up the idea that there is no price to pay for freedom? That no sacrifice is necessary.

The framers of the Constitution, particularly the authors of the Bill of Rights recognized that we must be ever vigilant in the protection of our freedom. That at some point in time we may have to turn our own government back from a path that denies our freedom and destroys the very foundation that this country was built upon. They recognized the inherent tyranny in all governments. That all governments become oppressive.

As Aristotle stated, ‘Republics decline into democracies, and democracies degenerate into despotisms.’

And if there is any one lesson to be learned from history, that lesson is that history repeats itself, time after time after time.

An armed populace is the only insurance that we the People have in the maintenance of our freedom. It is only with our arms that the government will respect the will of the People to be free. It is only our arms that can inspire a healthy dose of fear in the government toward the People. And it is only our resolve to fight and defend our freedom that will keep our government from stripping away our rights and our freedom.

So do not perpetuate the myths surrounding the second amendment. The second amendment was designed to allow the People to defend their freedom from any incursion. Particularly from their own government. For those that cherish their freedom, there can be no argument on this point.

Long live the republic.